Farmed better for you & the planet

Sprout Stack’s salads are delicious, nutritious, grown locally and sustainably. Our vertical farms use the latest technology to grow crops indoors in a highly controlled environment, which means we don’t need to use any pesticides and make a very efficient use of water and land.

Locally Grown

Access quality produce direct from the source year-round. Our fresh produce is grown locally in the heart of your city by the next generation of Australian farmers, using the latest indoor farming technology.

No Pesticides

Our salads are grown in a controlled environment, so we don’t need chemicals to keep them from being eaten by anyone but you. Better flavour. Good for the environment and your family.

Less Food Waste

There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone, however one third of all food produced is lost or wasted. This figure is almost 50% for fruit and vegetables. 8% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by food waste. This is why we believe that reducing food waste to the minimum is key to making our food system sustainable.

Our Produce

Delectable Greens Mix

A beautiful, light and highly textured blend of baby leaf Marley, Mizuna, beet and micro mustard.

Vitality Leaf Mix

A blend of baby leaf lettuce and some bright, tasty, and nutritious amaranth sprouts.

Super Nutrient Mix

A delicious mix of pea-tendrils, baby-leaf lettuce, and micro kale and radish.

Terrey Tendrils

Pea (or sugar snap) tendrils are a step above your standard greens, containing more nutritional value, with folate, fibre and vitamin C. With crunchy stems and a tangy finish, they are perfect on their own, in stir-fries or sautéed as a side dish.

Manly Power Micros

A colourful and slightly spicy mix of purple radish, kale and cress micros.

Bondi Mighty Micros

A delectable immune boosting mix of cabbage, broccoli & cress micros.

Lean & Green Salad Bowls

This Salad Bowl features crisp cucumbers, nutty wild rice, crunchy snow peas, broccoli microgreens, oriental mustard and baby lettuce. The creamy Green Goddess dressing adds a burst of flavor to this already delicious salad.

Turmeric Temptation Salad Bowls

Enjoy fluffy tumeric rice paired with sweet cherry tomatoes, protein-rich black beans, and a mix of greens including chard and micro kale. This salad bowl is topped off with tangy Japanese-style dressing, adding an extra burst of flavor to your meal.

Pomegranate Delight Salad Bowls

This Salad Bowl combines juicy pomegranate arils, roasted pumpkin and protein packed quinoa, delicate baby coral lettuce and crunchy micro purple radish. Toss it with the balsamic and olive oil vinaigrette dressing for an easy and filling meal.

Benefits of Vertical Farming

Quality + Quantity

To feed a growing population food production needs to be increased, and it needs to be done sustainably. At Sprout Stack we grow the highest quality vegetables, while minimising the impact on environment.

Nature + Technology

Our growing system allows us to achieve maximum freshness, taste and nutrition. Because we grow indoors, we can precisely control every aspect in the growing environment, resulting in consistent great quality and abundant harvest

No Nasties

Perfect growing conditions also allow us to grow without the use of any pesticides or GMO varieties.

Eternal Sunshine

We use energy efficient LED lights to provide our crops with the ideal light recipe year round, so there is no seasonality or cloudy days.

Waste not…

Our automated irrigation system makes sure our plants don’t get thirsty and have all the nutrients they require to thrive. The best part is that we use 95% less water than traditional growing systems.

Close to home

Our farms are located in the city, closer to you, reducing food miles, carbon footprint and ensuring your salad is the freshest and most nutritious.

Our Technology

We use a combination of the latest technologies available to achieve maximum freshness, taste and nutrition. Because we grow indoors, we can precisely control every aspect in the growing environment, resulting in consistent great quality and shorter growing cycle.

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