Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the way food is grown and distributed by utilizing cutting-edge vertical farming technology to create sustainable and efficient food systems, while also reducing our environmental impact and increasing access to fresh, healthy produce for communities everywhere.

We are Certified B Corporation

We are engaged in nothing less than a transformative revolution in the way food is grown. We cultivate flavourful, safe, and healthy food using methods that do not harm the environment or wildlife. The “how” of our food production is every bit as crucial to us as the “what.” We are fully committed to working in partnership with other organizations to create a more sustainable future, always keeping the well-being of people and the planet at the forefront of our efforts.

We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation. The B Corp Certification is a rigorous social and environmental evaluation. Under this certification, Sprout Stack has been regarded as a business that goes above and beyond to include tough practices in governance, workers, community, environment and customers.

Our Values


We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint through innovative and efficient farming practices.


We are dedicated to driving advancements in vertical farming systems and continuously seeking new ways to improve our methods and products.


We are dedicated to producing high-quality, nutritious food that is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.


We value our relationships with our customers, employees, and partners, and strive to build a strong, inclusive community around our company.

Our History



Sprout Stack was founded by three co-founders with a shared passion for sustainability and innovation. They all had backgrounds in different fields but had a common vision of improving the efficiency of food production and distribution. They wanted to find a way to grow fresh, nutritious food while reducing the environmental impact of conventional farming methods.


Our first crop

Started supplying local restaurants and cafes with produce grown in our first shipping container “farms”.


Redesign and scale

Scaled to a bigger warehouse in Brookvale and started retail distribution of our “Local Medley” and Micro Mix, now called Palmie Platter and Manly Micros.


Increased product range

Commenced redevelopment of our vertical farming system with automation and scalability in mind. We added more products to our salad mix range.


New Salad Bowls

Successfully launched our Salad Bowls, our latest product line.