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Vertical farming is a type of agriculture where crops are grown in vertically stacked layers in a controlled environment. It is often done using hydroponic or aeroponic systems, which don’t require soil to grow plants.

Vertical farming is the agricultural practice of producing crops on vertically inclined surfaces instead of traditional, horizontal rows.

A vertically oriented farm produces more output per square foot of land utilised, resulting in greater crop yield. Vertical farms are mostly found indoors, such as a warehouse, where they can regulate the environmental conditions for plants to grow. Unlike a single-level greenhouse or field, these vertically stacked levels of growing produce can be integrated into other structures such as skyscrapers or shipping containers.

This cutting-edge concept uses modern indoor farming methods. The creation of foods and medicines indoors is possible thanks to the artificial regulation of temperature, light, humidity, and gases. The primary goal of vertical farming is maximising produce output in a limited space.